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About Us

Dogstop is dedicated to dog-related information, activities, and advertising.  Your hosts are active dog showers and breeders, so we can appreciate the fun and frustrations of the "dog world" as well as understand what you mean by BIS!  Dogstop should appeal to breeders, kennel owners, puppy buyers, and others interested in dog breeding, showing, or health issues.  Our vision is to be your first place to stop for dog news and information!

Dogstop provides simple, inexpensive Internet/World Wide Web (WWW) advertising for those unfamiliar with creating and maintaining web pages.  For those with established web pages, we offer advertised links to your existing site at a very low annual charge.  We also offer information and activities of value to breeders, dog lovers, and potential puppy buyers, such as:

bulletbreed pages containing important links to AKC, breed clubs, and breeders.
bulletthe Health Forum that includes articles on dog health issues.
bulletthe Help Zone for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about buying a puppy, health concerns, and other dog issues.

Our official launch date was January 1, 1998.  We welcome your comments about the site and appreciate any suggestions for improvements or new topics of interest.

Dogstop does not endorse any specific kennel or breeder.
Review our contract for additional information on this issue.
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