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Dog News

We will be posting various newspaper or magazine article summaries that are of interest to dog breeders and dog lovers.  Topics will include both good and bad stories such as dog breeding bans, puppy-mill horror stories, and nice human-interest stories involving dogs.

If you come across an article of interest, please forward a copy to us.  We prefer the original or a copy of the original, but in all cases will need the name of the source (such as the newspaper or magazine) and date of publication.

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Fall Tips

Fall can be a tricky time. It is the calm before the chaos. It is that wonderful time of year when we’re spending those hours at the dog shows and falsely thinking, - Relax.. there’s plenty of time... it’s not even Thanksgiving.

We’ve got friends who go to Canton’s First Monday picking out ‘filler gifts’ and whispering to friends ‘we can make that’ One friend’s even started cross-stitching her dog’s name on his new stocking. Although we love Tia and Bud dearly, they won’t have their own cross-stitched stocking above the fireplace this Christmas.

As life seems to get more hectic, we’re finding ways to compensate. I found the following recipe in a book by Pam Young and Peggy Jones. Hope you’ll try this recipe and spend extra time with your dogs and the people in your life that really matter.

Purchase an apple pie from your favorite grocery store Remove the pie from its cardboard box. (Burn the box or discard it in the bottom of the garbage.) Place the pie in your own pie pan. Note: Bakery pies are usually 8", while most household pie tines are 9". If the store-bought pie is smaller than your pan, simply smash the pastry down until it fits, giving it an even more genuine ‘homemade’ look. Top with ice cream. If you want the smell, combine the following:

bullet1 Tbsp. flour
bullet1 Tbsp. cooking oil
bullet1 Tbsp. water
bullet1 Tsp. each: cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon
bullet1 apple core or pumpkin chunk

Mix ingredients in a disposable (chicken potpie size) tin. Shove the apple core into the center of the dough and bake at 225 degrees, all day. For the smell of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, substitute a chunk of pumpkin for the apple core.

The Freeman family decided that this Asmell recipe@ was too complicated so we modified it by putting vanilla, cinnamon and water in the teakettle and gently simmering.

Get out and spend time with your dog in the crisp fall air and have a wonderful fall!

Frequent grooming and brushing provides early warning of parasites and skin infections by lifting the coat, permitting a view of the skin below.

Dr. Mike Freeman


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